Customisation options for golf umbrellas

Because the canopy of the golf umbrella is so large is is a perfect vehicle for promotional branding. Key brand elements such as brand logo colour can easily be communicated.Marketeers often calculate ROI on promotional product spend, by using the metric of views. This makes promotional Umbrellas a terrific medium for building brand recognition and trust.

Custom Printed City Umbrellas

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Customisation options for city umbrellas

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  • Double canopy / internal print
  • All over print
  • Logo print
  • Photo print
  • Pantone matched canopy
  • Engraved handle ring
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Custom Printed Wood Walking Umbrellas

Our wood walking umbrella is probably the most familiar model of umbrella due to its wooden crook handle. Known for its curved wooden handle, it is also referred to as a wooden stick umbrella. Wood walking umbrellas have a wooden shaft and durable fibreglass ribs for strength that keeps the panels in place when used in high wind. It also allows them to pop back into shape should they turn inside out.